Cardinal Health: Healthcare Solutions, Logistics & Supplies


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Elevate your supply chain

丝瓜视频色版appLower the cost of better care without compromise in your health system with the help of WaveMark? Supply Management and Workflow solutions.

Rise to the challenge today
doctor checking heart beat of patient.

Patient-centric compliance

丝瓜视频色版appJoin Sonexus? Access & Patient Support for a panel exploring legal action impacting biopharma patient services at CBI’s Hub West.

National Falls Prevention Awareness Day is September 23

Cardinal Health Slippers aid in falls prevention, provide innovative tread and increase patient comfort.

Learn more about our slipper options
man sneezing in bed.

Don't let flu wipe you out

Make an inventory plan today

Access the calculator

A clinical assessment can show you the way

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